Backing innovative entrepreneurs and projects in the blockchain economy


JM3 Capital is a brand of Blockchain Technology Ventures, a division of Jabre Capital Partners SA. We are focused on the new generation of blockchain and crypto-tech related business models that are re-imagining industries and sectors. This includes horizontal or vertical decentralised protocols, token-enabled services, critical and essential middleware, decentralised applications, and peer-to-peer technologies with large network effects. 


Decentralised infrastructure and networks

There is an emerging blockchain infrastructure that is developing, with a new set of important standards around it.

Token-based business models

Easy-to-use middleware with wide adoption potential by mainstream developers will accelerate the availability of blockchain applications.

Peer-to-peer software applications and protocols

For every centralized Web application, there will be a decentralized equivalent where users are rewarded from the overall economic creation they are helping to drive.

Cryptocurrency as new asset class

Whether labeled as a security, or an essential utility, the token model is creating new companies and markets with unparalleled economic value creation.

Crypto capital formation and expansion

Decentralised governance will permeate peer-to-peer applications and underlying blockchain protocols, creating a new breed of empowered users.

New liquidity in alternate markets

The characteristics of cryptocurrency are unique and without precedent in the history of our existing financial system. This new asset class comes with a new form of liquidity that must be properly managed.

  • The killer app for the blockchain is not tokens, but it is the creation of private economies, new protocols or development ecosystems. Tokens are the enablers to that.
    William MougayarManaging Partner and Chief Investment Officer
  • Two potential blockchain usage models are emerging with some initial promising  tractions: a) the token as a participation incentive for adding value to the network, b) the native digital asset as a free-moving instrument that can be traded on the blockchain or made part of a new interaction experience (eg CryptoKitties-like assets and others, including the nascent form of digital art).
    William MougayarManaging Partner and Chief Investment Officer
  • The only Token that matters is the one being actually used.
    William MougayarManaging Partner and Chief Investment Officer